Other Modalities of Treatment


Many people have seen the Hollywood image of many needles in a person with smoke coming off the needles.  That is Hollywood’s version on moxibustion and while moxibustion does involve smoke and needles, it’s not too much like what you’ve seen on the big screen.  Moxibustion involves heating the acupuncture point with mugwort (moxa) by warming/smoldering the herb over the acupuncture point/needle.  It helps warm the body, rids the body of  cold and dampness, promotes circulation and helps smooth the flow of qi and blood in the body.  Because most buildings do not allow us to burn anything in the treatment room, I use an infrared TDP lamp (heat lamp) which has the same effect as moxa without the smoke and smell.


If you like massage, you will very likely like tuina.  Tuina is translated as “pushing and grasping”.  It is a form of Oriental massage/bodywork that is vigorous and it improves the flow of qi through the meridians .  Thumping, rolling, grasping, pushing and kneading are some of the techniques used in this form of bodywork.  It is effective in conditions involving the muscles, tendons,  joints, sports injuries and orthopedic problems.  If I feel it will be beneficial for your condition, I will use tuina during your treatment.


Cupping on human skinMany people have seen pictures of bruises left by cupping. Rest assured, these bruises do not hurt. Cupping is an ancient technique that he been used by various cultures all over the world. It involves a cup being applied to a large muscular area (eg., back) via suction. The suction draws up the superficial tissue layers into the cup. The cup may either be moved around or left in place. Cupping will pull up, old stagnant blood and may leave a surface bruise on the skin. It brings fresh, oxygenated blood to the area and it helps improve circulation, relieves pain and stiffness in the muscles.